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AYURVEDA speaks about 3 main pillars (called dosha), which sustain good health namely: VATA (Space + Air), PITTA (Air + Fire + Water) & KAPHA (Water + Earth), and 3 sub-pillars namely: FOOD/DIET, SLEEP & CELIBACY.

Ayurveda states that the main cause of ill health is imbalance of the 3 doshas, and this imbalance is caused by wrong eating habits and unsuitable lifestyle, i.e. sleeping habits/pattern, timing of doing exercises and other activities during the day (and according to different seasons).

According to Ayurveda, in general a year is divided broadly in 2 parts of 6 months each, which again are subdivided into 3 parts consisting of 2 months in each part, called seasons. That means, according to Ayurveda there are 6 seasons in one year namely: Shishir/Shita (winter), Vasant (spring), Grishma (summer), Varsha (monsoon), Sharad (autumn/fall) and Hemant (pre winter).

Similarly, a day of 24 hours is also divided into 2 parts of 12 hours each - day time (from sunrise to sunset) and night time (from sunset to sunrise). Further, each 12 hours are divided into 3 parts consisting of 4 hours each. That means 3 parts of 4 hours each in the day time and 3 parts of 4 hours each in the evening/night time. These 3 parts of 4 hours each are influenced by 3 doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - in rotation. According to Ayurveda, in general, 6:00 am/pm to 10:00 am/pm is Kapha period; 10:00 am/pm to 2:00 pm/am is Pitta period and 2:00 pm/am to 6:00 pm/am is Vata period.

So if we attune our individual biological clock with the universal clock and regulate our daily activities according to the particular periods of doshas, then we can maximise our ability to maintain balanced health. For example, if we start our day by getting up in the morning by 6 am during the Vata (air) period, this can help us feel more energetic, active and lively because of the influence of Vata dosha in the environment. And if we miss that time and get up later than 6 am, during the Kapha period, we can feel very lethargic, unenthusiastic, unmotivated, etc. due to the influence of Kapha dosha in the environment. Many of our clients have confirmed experiencing this in their own lives.

It is also important to bear in mind that one should consume not only the right type of food, but also at the right time of day.  That means, even if the food is suitable/healthy, but if eaten at the wrong time, that very same food can cause imbalances within one’s system.

In Ayurveda it is said that if someone’s diet and lifestyle is wrong, then medicines are of no use, and if someone’s diet and lifestyle is right, then medicines are of no need.

At AyurYoga, our qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Consultant can help equip you with knowledge of your Prakruti (constitution) and Vikruti (imbalance), and help you achieve & maintain great health by following the diet & lifestyle that is right/best for your individual needs.

This knowledge can be extremely helpful for you even in the future – by knowing your doshas, understanding your weaknesses and strengths, you can prevent many health problems.  Even if you happen to become sick, you can use this knowledge to regain your health by making simple adjustments in your diet and lifestyle, without having to resort to synthetic medication, with its potential side effects.