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“Aura” is a very subtle shield around our bodies that protects us from negative subtle energies in the environment/surroundings and the people around us.

This protection is possible only when one’s aura is strong – and the aura can be strong when one’s chakras are in a balanced state, with the energy flowing around and through the chakras in a proper circular form. This flow of energy in a circular form helps generate a magnetic force which has a very positive/strengthening effect on one’s aura.

Although several methods of aura reading are used nowadays – for example, taking “Aura Pictures” with a special camera to show the colors around an individual’s body, based on which the individual is given some suggestions/recommendations to improve his/her aura – at Ayuryoga, our Ayurveda Consultant & Healer Mr. Vinod Sharma, Hong Kong feels one’s aura by moving his hands over the body (the hands are placed a few inches above the body) of an individual.

Based on the sensation on his palms, our consultant is able to check the strength of an individual’s aura.  Accordingly, he advises various natural methods or yoga/ayurveda methods one can adopt to strengthen one’s aura and repel any negative energy (instead of absorbing it) from the environment/surroundings and from the people around us.

To a large extent, the strength of one’s aura positively influences one’s health at the physical, mental, and emotional levels.  Even if one becomes ill due to some unavoidable reason, a person with a strong aura will recover much faster compared to one whose aura is weak.

Therefore, keeping one’s aura strong is a greatly important aspect of achieving and maintaining radiant health on all levels!