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Ayurveda-Health-Consultation Mr. Vinod Sharma Hong Kong

(For in-person appointments, please call or email us at (852) 91206419 / 96291416; sri@ayuryoga-intl.com)

So much of our time and energy is used in learning about a diverse variety of subject matters, but how much time do you spend learning about yourself?  How well do you know and understand yourself?

Ayurveda Doctor, Mr. Vinod Sharma, Hong Kong can help you gain a deeper insight into yourself on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, intellectual & spiritual.  And in the process, help you reclaim your birthright – good health!

At AyurYoga, our qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Consultant can help equip you with knowledge of your Prakruti (constitution) and Vikruti (imbalance) by checking your pulse and help you achieve & maintain great health by following the diet that is right/best for your individual needs.

This knowledge can be extremely helpful for you even in the future – by knowing your doshas, understanding your weaknesses and strengths, you can prevent many health problems which you may have a tendency of experiencing.  Even if you happen to become sick due to some unavoidable causes, you can use this knowledge to regain your health by making simple adjustments in your diet, without having to resort to synthetic medication, with its potential side effects.

This is what to expect during your Ayurvedic Health Consultation with Mr. Vinod Sharma, Hong Kong:

  1. The Ayurvedic Health Consultation/Assessment will take about 1.5 hours, so please be sure to set aside enough time for your appointment.
  2. You will need to fast for at least 3.5 hours prior to the consultation.  You can, however, have some warm water to drink (but no tea, coffee, juices, etc.) up until 1 hour before the consultation, after which you should stop drinking completely until Mr. Vinod Sharma finishes reading your pulse.
  3. During the Ayurvedic Consultation, Mr. Vinod Sharma will check your Pulse, Aura, Solar Plexus & Chakras.  This is to determine your body constitution, mental & emotional makeup, and if there are any problems/ blockages within your system.
  4. Depending on your body type & state of health, Mr. Vinod Sharma will recommend a suitable diet program & lifestyle pattern.  After the consultation, within a few days, he will send you a comprehensive report containing your recommended Ayurvedic diet plan and lifestyle guidelines.
  5. Mr. Vinod Sharma may also recommend some energy healing sessions to correct the imbalances (if any) within your system.
  6. Come prepared to meet your unique self – the way Mother Nature has created you!


In Ayurveda, there are several ways to diagnose the state of one’s health e.g. by checking one’s eyes, tongue, skin, urine, stool, etc.

However, Pulse Reading is a very unique and amazing feature of Ayurveda – the in-depth analysis of the individual that Pulse Reading allows, sets Ayurveda apart from other sciences and distinguishes the technique of Pulse Reading from other forms of diagnosis.

Pulse Reading allows the experienced Ayurvedic Doctor/Consultant to understand the individual on many levels:

  • Prakruti (unique constitution of the person)
  • Vikruti (imbalances currently being experienced and changes occurring within one’s system)
  • One’s psychology, mental frame of mind, and thought processes
  • One’s emotional makeup, behavior, and responses
  • One’s character, strengths, and weakness

An experienced Ayurvedic Consultant can “read” the individual thoroughly, just by checking his/her pulse, without depending on other diagnostic tools/methods such as checking the individual’s eyes, tongue, urine, stool, etc.

At AyurYoga, our skilled and experienced Ayurvedic Consultant, Mr. Vinod Sharma, is an expert on Pulse Reading and is able to detect all of the above just from reading the individual’s pulse.  With his accuracy in pulse reading, Mr. Vinod Sharma helps the individual to, first of all, understand fully about himself/herself and then share the reasons for the imbalance/s and how that imbalance / s are affecting his/her health in detail.

He then recommends the approach the individual should take in order to correct the imbalances, deal with the symptoms, and help prevent these imbalances from recurring in the future.

Using Pulse Reading as the main tool for health consultation, Mr. Vinod Sharma Hong Kong has helped numerous clients recover from their health problems and enjoy radiant health!