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Since time immemorial, mankind has always been in search of its destiny.  One approach to discover our destiny has been to gaze towards the heavens – trying to unlock the secrets of time and the future.  In the Indian subcontinent, ancient astrologers and astronomers raided the night skies to try and unravel the meanings of planetary journeys.

Vedic Astrology (a limb of the Vedas) is an ancient science based on the cosmic position of the various planets within our universe, their distance from the Earth and distance from each other, at the time of an individual’s birth.  These planets act as the engineers of our triumphs and tragedies.

Vedic Astrology is called “Jyotish” in Sanskrit which is a combination of 2 Sanskrit words – “Jyot”, which means light, and “ish”, which means controller, ruler, or master.

Vedic Astrology can guide us on how to live life in a more fulfilling manner.  In Vedic Astrology, a birth chart is compiled to make certain predictions about an individual.  In the birth chart are seen the tendencies and reactions which dictate a person’s relationships, misfortunes, and windfalls.  In Vedic Astrology, basically 2 charts are made – “Lagna Kundli” (Ascendant/Rising sign chart) and “Nama/Chandra Kundli” (the Moon/Lunar Chart).

As far as Lagna/Ascendant chart is concerned, it remains the same throughout one’s life, used as a baseline for doing astrological calculations, and making predictions accordingly; whereas the Moon chart changes as per the “Gochar” (Movements) of the Moon and the other planets.

When compiling an astrological chart, 3 basic points are considered:

  • time of birth
  • date of birth
  • place of birth  

Several other factors are also taken into account.  These are:

  • the constellation which is present at the time of birth and
  • the position of the Sun planet i.e. in which zodiac sign it is traveling.

A Vedic Astrological chart consists of 12 houses that symbolize different aspects of our lives. For example, the first house gives an insight into an individual’s personality, looks, physically built, character, mental attitude, etc.; the second house indicates finances, income, one’s social behavior, interaction with friends, etc. from the third house we can see how confident, courageous, daring, motivated and disciplined an individual is…

Similarly, we can know the different aspects of an individual by studying the position of the planets situated in different houses of the chart of that individual.

Vedic Astrology provides a means for us to understand and learn from our past, gain an insight into our future, maximize the beneficial effects of favorable planets, and minimize the adverse effects of malefic planets.

Often times, negative influences create a negative impact on our lives – but there is always scope for redemption.  Astrology shows us how malevolent planetary influences can be negated through certain ceremonies or rituals.

If you would like to have your astrological chart compiled, please contact us to make a booking.

Mr. Vinod Sharma Hong Kong has successfully used Vedic Astrology to help not only people in Hong Kong, where he is based, but also in several other countries like China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland, Central America, etc. with regard to their education, career, marriage, deciding in which part of the world to settle, their children’s education, health, and other important life matters.