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Ayurveda, the Science of Life, is an ancient and timeless science which aims to maintain and preserve the good health of a healthy/normal individual, and at the same time, heal an unhealthy individual.

According to Ayurveda, health is not restricted to one’s physical well being, but rather, it also includes a sound & peaceful mind, refined intellect, emotional stability, as well as pure senses and consciousness.

The whole science is based on the functioning of the 5 universal elements namely Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.   These five elements are combined in different proportions and grouped into 3 categories, called ayurveda doshas :

Vata (Space + Air) ;     Pitta (Air + Fire + Water) ;     Kapha (Water + Earth)

According to Ayurveda, each individual is a unique combination of these 3 doshas, and one of these is predominant and stronger than the other two, which determines the “Prakruti” (constitution) of an individual.

Each individual gets his/her constitution from his/her parents at the time of birth and he/she has to live with it throughout his/her life. In other words, one’s constitution does not change, but one’s “Vikruti” (imbalance of doshas and the resultant effects) can change throughout one’s life.


Like Yoga, Ayurveda is also gaining popularity and recognition around the world for its’ effectiveness in addressing health issues and achieving optimum well being.  Increasingly, people are becoming more receptive and making a conscious choice to incorporate Ayurvedic principles in their daily lives, opting to follow Ayurvedic guidelines to recover from health problems, prevent possible health issues, and to maintain overall good health.

Aside from its comprehensive and wholesome approach to overall well being, which is attracting many ardent followers around the globe, Ayurveda practices or Ayurvedic treatment, a completely natural and harmless approach to healing and regaining balance, with practically no side effects (provided the guidelines are followed/applied appropriately).

The first step is to get an Ayurvedic Consultation – this will reveal your unique nature, i.e. what makes you who you are – by providing a deep insight into your physical makeup, mental frame of mind, thought processes, emotions, even the way you deal with the people in your life. Our clients often comment on what a unique and eye-opening experience the Ayurvedic Consultation is for them!

The Ayurvedic Consultation also exposes any imbalances you are experiencing – accordingly, the necessary steps can be taken to bring your system back into balance.


At AyurYoga, we have a qualified and highly experienced Indian Ayurveda Consultant & Healer Mr. Vinod Sharma Hong Kong, who hails from a lineage of Ayurvedic & Homeopathic doctors and healers, and who have experience for over 24 years.

The Ayurvedic health consultation, which takes about 1.5 hours, is done based on very ancient Ayurvedic techniques of Pulse reading and Chakra & Aura reading.  The “Prakruti” (constitution) and “Vikruti” (imbalance) are determined based on an individual’s pulse.  Based on the individual’s constitution and imbalance, a diet plan and lifestyle guidelines are recommended, and some specific Yoga exercises are taught.

Initially, the client has to follow the diet plan and lifestyle guidelines for a certain period of time, as per his/her vikruti (imbalance). Once the vikruti is corrected then a new diet plan is recommended based on the client’s prakruti (constitution) to minimize the recurrence of imbalance in the future. In this process, quite often 2 individuals having different constitutions may be recommended a similar diet because of having similar imbalances.

The healing process is based mainly on following the right diet & proper lifestyle (based on the individual’s unique needs), balancing the chakras, and strengthening the aura. Natural herbal remedies (which can be easily ordered via the internet) are suggested only if it is really necessary.