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According to Ayurveda there are 3 doshas viz. Vata (Space + Air), Pitta (Air + Fire + Water), Kapha (Water + Earth).  We are a combination of these 3 doshas. The most predominant dosha determines one’s basic constitution.

We get our individual constitution at the time of conception.

A child’s constitution may or may not be the same as his/her parents’ constitution. The doshas which are predominant in the parents at the time of sexual union (not their individual basic constitution), will determine the constitution of the child.

No. The constitution which we get at the time of conception does not change – we live with this constitution for our entire lives.

Health problems are caused by the Vikruti (imbalances) and its effects. These imbalances keep recurring in our lives due to unhealthy eating habits and unnatural lifestyle practices. Therefore, we experience various health issues at different times.

Generally no. If Ayurvedic medicines are of good quality and taken strictly as per the prescription and direction/guidelines, they do not cause any side effects. Generally, there are always some do’s and dont’s to be followed when taking Ayurvedic medicines – as long as one follows these guidelines, one need not be worried about experiencing side effects.