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Jan 14, 2021


Continuing the discussion on Rasayana (techniques which can help to lengthen lifespan, enhance health and improve the quality of life), here we will describe another wonderful herb/plant which is one of the main rasayanas mentioned in Ayurveda – it is called Guduchi in Sanskrit, which means “the one

Jan 11, 2021


Continuing the discussion on Rasayana, in this article I will share with you some interesting information regarding another wonderful plant called Ghritkumari in Sanskrit, known as Aloe Vera in English, which is used as a Rasayana in Ayurveda. Ghritkumari is a combination of 2 Sanskrit words, namely: “Ghrit”,

Jan 8, 2021


Continuing our discussion on the topic of “Rasayana”, here I would like to share with you some useful information about a wonderful fruit called Amala or Amalki, known as Indian gooseberry in English, with its botanical name being Emblica officinalis. Amala is a Sanskrit word, which is a

Jan 5, 2021


Continuing the discussion on the topic of rejuvenation, we will focus on one of the most significant aspects/sections of the wonderful science of Ayurveda, called Rasayana. Rasayana broadly means promotion of optimum health and longevity by enlivening and purifying the basic tissue called Rasa dhatu (plasma). Ayurveda says