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In our previous blog we shared how Vata (air) predominant individuals interact/react while dealing with individuals having the same Vata constitution, and with individuals of Pitta (fire) or Kapha (water + earth) constitutions.

In this blog we are sharing how individuals with Pitta (fire) as the main Prakrutik dosha (constitutional element) deal with their spouses/partners who have Pitta (fire), or Vata (air) or Kapha (water + earth), as the main predominant element in their mind-body constitution.

Pitta individuals in general have a strong immune system, good metabolism, strong body, more persistent energy level, strong will power, good leadership qualities and the ability to motivate others. They are well disciplined, firm, organised, straight forward, etc.

  1. How Pitta predominant individuals deal with Vata oriented spouses/partners:

Pitta individuals are generally very practical, they like to schedule/plan their activities in advance and try their best to stick to their plan, whereas Vata individuals tend to be somewhat impulsive, sensitive and rather disorganised, due to the free flowing quality of Vata (air).

Vata individuals are very friendly by nature and like to mingle with others freely, both individually and in social gatherings. Pitta individuals may not like this behaviour of their Vata spouse/partner and may feel a bit jealous, or even suspicious of their Vata spouse/partner. This can give rise to misunderstandings between both of them, which can become a very big issue at times and thus have serious/adverse impact on their intimacy.

With regard to intimacy, the Pitta individual’s sexual appetite/biological need is generally very high, and they seek to satisfy their strong mental desire and pacify the physical urge by indulging in sex/physical relationship very often, particularly in their young age.

In contrast, for Vata individuals, the act of love making is very sacred and personal, close to their hearts. They only indulge in this act of intimacy when they sense closeness with their spouse/partner. When they feel this, they give in to their spouse/partner completely and feel satisfied very quickly, and the feeling of satisfaction lasts for quite a long time. Therefore, Vata individuals are generally not interested in having sexual relationship so often. This can also become a cause of conflict between Pitta and Vata individuals. To resolve such situations and in order to maintain a loving relationship, Pitta individuals should consume more Vata oriented food items, e.g. nuts, beans, lentils, bitter gourd, cabbage, etc. to make them more sensitive towards the feelings of their Vata partners, and to understand their limitations as well. At the same time, Vata individuals should consume more Pitta and Kapha oriented food items, i.e. black pepper powder, cinnamon powder, bananas, avocado, coconuts, etc., to improve their stamina so that they cope with the strong desire/urge and biological need of their Pitta spouse/partner.

2. Pitta individuals with Pitta spouse/partners:

Two Pitta individuals with similar characters, tendencies, abilities, habits, etc. may, in general, make a good pair. They can understand and support each other well in various aspects/spheres of life, in order to achieve a common goal.

However, the similarities can, in most cases, become the cause of their problems, which can often degenerate into something serious. Pitta dosha, being ruled by the fire element, can make them very ambitious and competitive towards each other. A Pitta individual can even feel envious of his/her Pitta spouse/partner when the other person is able to accomplish significant achievements in his/her life. This envy can create a rift in their relationship. The rift and differences can increase, which can create more distance between both of them.

Their strong egos (caused by the predominant Pitta), would not allow them to bend/give in or to patch up their differences by talking it out. Due to the strong ego, each one would anticipate and want the other person to give in and compromise. This same attitude can be reflected in their intimacy. Strong Pitta would make them compete in bed as well, putting their needs, wants, comfort and satisfaction, over and above that of their partner. This can result in dissatisfaction and hence become the cause of serious relationship problems.

In such situations, both Pitta individuals would benefit generally by consuming more Pitta pacifying food, i.e. fruits and vegetables with more pulp – avocado, bananas, sweet potatoes, ripe mangoes, etc. Regular meditation would also go a long way in creating balance within. These things will help to pacify the strong/aggravated Pitta in their systems and allow them to be calmer, while at the same time, being more understanding and accommodating of the needs of their partner.

3. Pitta individuals and Kapha spouse/partner:

In this combination, Pitta individuals are very ambitious, fiery, dominating, etc., whereas Kapha individuals are very content, easy going and accommodating by nature. Pitta individuals are more proactive and disciplined, while Kapha individuals tend to be more lethargic and laid-back.

With regard to their intimate relationship, Pitta individuals can be very pushy and expressive, whereas Kapha individuals can be very dormant and quiet. This kind of mis-match may cause frustration for a Pitta individual, while on the other hand, a Kapha individual may feel very supressed and exploited, which can create a problematic situation.

But the good news is, situations like these can be corrected very quickly and harmony can be established between a Pitta and a Kapha couple.

Since Pitta individuals are taking the lead in most things in their relationship with a Kapha partner, they need to take the initiative to correct the differences by encouraging their Kapha partner to eat more Pitta and Vata oriented food, e.g. black pepper powder, cinnamon powder, cloves, sage, green leaves (salad), nuts, etc., which will help the Kapha individual to become more proactive, expressive and disciplined.  And personally, the Pitta individual should consume more Kapha oriented food, i.e. sweet potatoes, bananas, melons, etc., to feel more grounded, calmer, and learn to take things easy.

In our next blog, we will discuss how Kapha individuals interact with their Pitta, Vata or Kapha oriented spouses/partners and what each partner should do to enhance intimacy between them.

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DISCLAIMER: This information is intended for educational purposes only & does not constitute expert medical advice, nor is it meant to replace medical recommendations by a medical practitioner. Always consult a qualified Ayurveda Doctor/Health Professional/Yoga Guru for your specific medical needs before taking any herbal health supplements, and/or practicing Ayurveda & Yoga.